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Jigsaw’s Timeline

Sat, Nov 1, 2008

General SAW News

I finally got a chance to check out SAW V last night (will write my review soon) so I decided that with the new information presented to us it might be interesting to put together a timeline of the SAW movies. There will be a lot of spoilers in this post if you have not seen SAW V yet, so I suggest you don’t click through.

This timeline is my idea of what happened and when, I’m still a little unsure of how some of the stuff at the very beginning fits together so if you feel I’m wrong about something please let me know in the comments and we’ll all work together to put the pieces together.

There are some parts of SAW 3 and 4 that are hard to put into timeline form since they both occur at the same time. And I know I’m leaving some stuff out and may have some stuff wrong, so please let me know what you think. This took a lot more time to write than I anticipated….

  • John Kramer and his wife lose their son Gideon when Cecil pushes the doorknob into Jill’s stomach.(1995?)
  • John kidnaps Cecil using the 1st version of the pig mask.
  • Cecil is tested in John’s first trap, knives in the face to release arm/leg restraints.
  • Trap breaks, but Cecil still ends up in a barb wire box.
  • Hoffman’s sister is brutally murdered by boyfriend, boyfriend sentenced to 25 years in prison.(2000-01?)
  • Seth, the man who murdered Hoffman’s sister, is released from prison on a technicality after serving only 5 years.
  • Hoffman kidnaps Seth and sets him up in a trap, making it look like a Jigsaw trap (Pendulum Trap, SAW V), Seth dies while Hoffman watches.
  • John finds Hoffman, knowing that he killed Seth and gives him a choice, help him test other people or arrest him, subsequently ruining his own life since John will turn him in for Seth’s murder.
  • Amanda is tested in the reverse bear trap, trap. She survives.
  • John and Hoffman kidnap the fat guy and set him up in the barb wire trap.
  • John kidnaps man, covers him in flammable liquid and puts him in a room with a safe and a candle. Man dies, Dr. Gordon’s penlight is planted at the scene leading Detective Tapp to Dr. Gordon.
  • Amanda tells her story to police as Dr. Gordon listens in.
  • John recruits Amanda to help him test people, she does not know about Hoffman.
  • John gets Zep to kidnap Dr. Gordon’s Daughter and Wife and kill them when the bathroom game ends…
  • Meanwhile, Amanda kidnaps Adam while John Kidnaps Dr. Gordon and they take them both to the bathroom scene (SAW)
  • The bathroom game plays out.
  • Dr. Gordon cuts of his foot.
  • Adam is shot in the shoulder.
  • Zep kills Detective Tapp outside the bathroom.
  • Zep comes into bathroom and is killed by Adam.
  • Dr. Gordon escapes and leaves Adam chained to the pipe.
  • Jigsaw stands up from the middle of the room and slams the door on Adam.
  • Amanda comes back to the bathroom later and suffocates Adam with a plastic bag.
  • Obi kidnaps Laura (and maybe more) for Jigsaw
  • Hoffman helps Jigsaw setup the traps in the house (SAW II)
  • SAW 2 plays out in real time, ending in the bathroom from SAW, which is under the house.
  • Everyone but Amanda and Daniel Matthews die
  • Amanda Kidnaps Daniel and puts him in the safe in Jigsaw’s lair, w/ oxygen.
  • The Snitch (can’t think of name) is tested by having to cut his eye out to remove key, he dies.
  • Detective Matthews figures out clues and find Jigsaw’s lair.
  • Tapes are playing to lead the police to believe that the house scenes are playing in real time when they are really a recording.
  • Detective Matthews escapes with Jigsaw and gets taken to the house where his son was.
  • SWAT team gets an address by tracing the video feed of the tapes they are watching and head there.
  • SWAT realizes that they are at the wrong house and what they were watching was a recording.
  • Timer runs out as Detective Kerry waits at Jigsaw’s lair.
  • Safe opens up to reveal Daniel is safe.
  • Detective Matthews makes his way to the bathroom scene under the house.
  • Amanda pops out of the bathroom, injecting Detective Matthews with a sedative.
  • When he passes out she chains him to the pipes and leaves him to die.
  • Detective Matthews wakes up and smashes his foot to get out of the shackle.
  • Detective Matthews escapes the bathroom
  • Amanda hears him escape and comes back to kill him.
  • They fight and she leaves him for dead in the hallways by the bathroom.
  • Hoffman comes and takes Detective Matthews and puts him in a cell and puts a brace on his foot.
  • Troy is killed in the chain trap by Amanda. (SAW 3)
  • Hoffman and Kerry investigate the scene of the Chain Trap.
  • Amanda Kidnaps Detective Kerry and with the help of Hoffman puts her in the Angel Wing trap, killing her.
  • Hoffman kidnaps the big guy and Art and they play out the trap with their eyes or mouth sewn shut.
  • Hoffman brings supplies to the hotel room and sets up the Ice block/electricity set.
  • Amanda sets up Jeffs game by Kidnapping the people that had anything to do with his son’s death and setting them up in their traps.
  • Hoffman kidnaps the woman pimp and the principal and his wife, for Riggs game.
  • Hoffman kidnaps Jeff’s daughter (at some point around here?)
  • SWAT team finds Detective Kerry’s body in the Angel trap. Riggs busts through the unsecured door.
  • FBI comes in to help with the investigation, Agent Perez and Agent Strahm.
  • Riggs goes home to find his wife leaving him.
  • Riggs falls asleep, hears a noise, wakes up, Hoffman sedates him and sets up the start of his game.
  • Amanda kidnaps Jeff and puts him in the box and then kidnaps Lynn.
  • Jigsaw is on his death bed talking to Hoffman about testing Amanda and give him an assignment for his next game.
  • Hoffman escapes out the back door of the room Jigsaw will die in.
  • Amanda comes in with Lynn and puts the shotgun collar on her.
  • Hoffman and Detective Matthews are setup in the Ice block/electricity trap.
  • Riggs wakes up and starts his game by helping the woman pimp from the hair trap.
  • Jeff wakes up and begins making his way through the different rooms to get to his sons killer.
  • SAW III and SAW IV with Jeff and Rigg play out at the exact same time.
  • Jeff makes it through his game and makes it to the lair.
  • Jigsaw melts wax over a micro-cassette and swallows it while talking to Amanda.
  • Amanda shoots Lynn in the back.
  • Jeff shoots Amanda in the neck, killing her.
  • Jeff kills Jigsaw with a saw.
  • Lynn is killed when Jigsaws heart stops, causing the shotgun collar to go off.
  • Jigsaw presses play on tape that tells Jeff he shouldn’t have done that since he’s the only one who knows where his daughter is.
  • At the same time Rigg breaks through the final door of his game, Detective Matthews shoots Rigg, Rigg shoots Art, the door opening causes the ice blocks to smash Detective Matthews head killing him.
  • Hoffman stands up from the electric chair and slams the door to the room.
  • Agent Strahm hears Jeff kill Jigsaw and goes into the room and shoots him.
  • Hoffman slams the door on Agent Strahm locking him in the room with Jigsaw, Amanda, Jeff and Lynn’s bodies.
  • Agent Strahm sees the glow in the dark paint on the wall indicating a door. He goes through.
  • A tape warns him not to continue but he does anyways.
  • Hoffman jumps Agent Strahm and sedates him and sets him up in the water box trap.
  • Agent Strahm almost dies, but gives himself a trechiotomy so he doesn’t drown.
  • Hoffman emerges from the building with Jeff’s daughter as a hero
  • Agent Strahm is rescued and taken to the hospital.
  • Hoffman sets up the game that Jigsaw gave him.
  • Hoffman kidnaps the 5 people at sets them up in the room with the necktie trap.
  • Agent Strahm figures out that Hoffman has been helping Jigsaw since the beginning.
  • The 5 people in the main game (SAW V) play through their game, only leaving 2 survivors.
  • Hoffman takes one of Strahms cell phones and plants it in the room at the end of the game, framing Strahm.
  • Strahm follows Hoffman to a building and finds himself in a room with a large box, with glass, and a tape.
  • The tape tells Strahm that the only way to survive the game is to get in the box and lock it.
  • Hoffman is around the corner and walks into the room.
  • Strahm jumps him and shoves him in the glass box instead.
  • Agent Erickson traces Strahms cell phone and finds it in a room monitoring the game with the 5 people. Making it look like Strahm was the one on the inside.
  • The box Hoffman is in turns horizontally and decends into the floor as the walls in the room come together, smashing Agent Strahm.
  • Jigsaws Body is recovered and an autopsy is performed.
  • A tape is found in JIgsaw’s stomach for Hoffman.
  • Hoffman listens to this new tape.

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82 Comments For This Post

  1. Mr. Dou Says:

    I like the timeline; I was thinking about doing one myself, actually. You left out or misplaced a couple of things that I think you should check again:

    - Pretty sure they find Dr. Gordon’s pen light at the scene of the Candle Trap;
    - Jigsaw eats the tape for Hoffman before Jeff makes it to his room
    - You should go ahead and tack on the end the Jigsaw autopsy, since that takes place at the very end of the (as yet revealed) timeline, and will probably lead directly into the 6th film.

    Also, I’d thrown in a note about Jigsaw working on the Glass Box Trap that Hoffman escapes in WAAAAAAY back right after Jigsaw’s ex-wife confronts him about the missing Cecil.

  2. JD Says:

    Great timeline - would love to see it added to Wikipedia and/or rough dates added.

    A few thoughts:

    1. If Cecil was kidnapped during the “year of the pig” celebration, you are looking at 1995 for the year on that, meaning it happened before Hoffman’s sister was killed. The autopsy toe tag shows that Jigsaw died on Oct. 21, 2006, so the events of Saw 1 happened in April 2006 (Eric was missing for 6 months by the time of Saw 3 & 4). If her killer was sentenced 5 years before the pendulum trap would put her killing around 2000 or maybe early 2001. We can also assume that there were other victims between Cecil and the barbed wire trap, as Hoffman was investigating him and he was well-known as the Jigsaw killer before Hoffman copycatted him.

    2. The guy who caught on fire with the safe happened after the barbed wire trap, and is where Dr. Gordon’s pen light was found, so I second Mr. Dou on that point.

    3. “Art kidnaps Hoffman and sets him and Detective Matthews up in the Ice block/electricity trap.” - I am pretty sure the trap was set up by Hoffman, and Art came in to it just following the rules of his game.

    4. I also second Mr. Dou in that Jigsaw eats the tape before Jeff enters his room. I think he eats it either just before or just after he tells Amanda she is not needed when he is talking with Lynn.

  3. admin Says:

    nice, thanks guys, this is exactly why I posted this, so I could get some help figuring this all out. I started getting a headache trying to put all the pieces together haha. I’ll update the timeline based on your suggestions, appreciate it. Thanks for reading the site.

  4. Nick Says:

    You may want to add the raiding of Tapp and that chinese guy on Jigsaws lair in the timeline.

    Also like Mr. Dou mentioned, putting also the Glass box trap on the timeline would be nice. Though i really dont know why it was made by Jigsaw and then used by hoffman. lol?

  5. jsl Says:

    Did the police ever find Cecil’s body? It seemed to me like he was killed in Jigsaw’s workshop, so there would have been no crime scene to investigate. In that case, what took place between Cecil’s death and Hoffman’s pendulum trap to establish Jigsaw’s reputation and make the pendulum a copycat killing? Are we to assume that there are Jigsaw “murders” during that period which are never shown in the films?

    I’ve only seen each film once, so it’s very possible that I’m forgetting something.

  6. JD Says:

    Also, it is missing Jigsaw’s diagnosis w/ cancer and attempted suicide by car crash, both of which occurred before Cecil’s game. I think Jill mentioned that it was “not long after” her miscarriage and their divorce that this happens.

    This means either Jigsaw lived with cancer for 11 years or so before the events of Saw 1, or maybe the “Year of the Pig” thing was a goof by the writers, and the early events of Saw occurred maybe just a couple years before Saw 1. I think either way has pros and cons, but we won’t know for sure until Saw 6, if they decide to explain it at all.

    Also, at some point before Saw 3/4, the junkie in Saw 5 burned down a building with 8 people inside (may or may not have been the Saw 2 house?). Whether it was or not, the Saw 2 house was also renovated during this time, as shown in 5.

    re: Nick’s comment - The glass box could have been built for one purpose in mind and then changed once Straum came along. For all we know, maybe it was used on one of Jigsaw’s earlier victims, and then “recycled” for use with Straum.

  7. kendall Says:

    in Saw 5, what do you think is in the box that jigsaws wife gets.she wears the key around her neck.i thought it was evidence about hoffman.
    or is it the same thing thats in the suitcase from Pulp Fiction?or is it my car keys, cos i cant find them anywhere??? but seriously what do you think. ou could it be the Kernel Sanders secret herbs & spices

  8. filmstudent Says:

    I bet that the box had a cassette tape, pictures, or other valuables. Jigsaw probably made a deal with his wife (after the divorce) that if he left her some certain item(s) she would help him. Could also be something she does not want leaked about her personal life and she is now victim of one of his games…. or host.
    Also, didn’t Hoffman have the gift of anonymity? If so, then even amanda would not have known about his presence, hence his sneaking out before amanda walks in. I would assume then that Hoffman would not have been there to help Amanda shackle Kerry to the angel trap. Plus, if he did, then jigsaw would have been pissed because Hoffman would have murdered again. So, isn’t it easier to just say Amanda and Hoffman never met? Unless i missed something where they would have had to meet.
    I also thought jigsaw was all about survival instincts and giving people chances to survive. Saw 5 did not allow for this with the 5 people. You are supposed to be tested, if you pass, you live, if not, you die…… so the 2nd room with the 3 safe zones would have killed 2 people if the first room had not killed someone. Not true test of survival instincts… And the room full of electrical circuits, another death to ensure the survival of others, not self. Over all, this movie had some innovative ideas, but lacked in the jigsaw “test the fabric of the human body” will to survive aspect.
    call me crazy, but that’s how i see it.

  9. KAP Says:

    filmstudent “so the 2nd room with the 3 safe zones would have killed 2 people if the first room had not killed someone”

    You find out at the end of the movie that the safe zones could have held more than one person.

    filmstudent “And the room full of electrical circuits, another death to ensure the survival of others, not self.”

    Once again being revealed at the end of the movie it is explained that a small charge to five people would have unlocked the door and allowed everyone to live.

  10. Drew Says:

    if amanda didnt know about hoffman then he wasnt the one that helped her with Detective Kerry and the Angel Wing trap..

  11. Drew Says:

    and another thing how could hoffman set up the last game if he was supposed to be in the electric chair in saw IV. dont make since but i love the series.

  12. Scottgal Says:

    Each movie seems to have taken about a day to play out. Unless I’m mistaken, hoffman could have set up the last game, with the five people, a few days before it took place. I’m sure there is some sort of sedative that would knock someone out for a few days, I’m not a doctor though :)
    Or…. it could be a future accomplice of whom has not been named yet. Remember that the final scene in the timeline is Hoffman listening to his tape from the autopsy. Since it suggested that he too will be tested then there has to be another accomplice… wife maybe? Who knows!

  13. Jimmy Says:

    I am juuuuust getting started on creating a visual timeline of all this. I’m currently using ‘dipity’ (if someone has a suggestion for a better software to use let me know!). You can view what I have so far at (I only have the very first item as I write this — like I said, just getting started!). I plan to add snapshot of people, as well as snapshots (or video clips?) of how they die. Dipity requires exact dates for stuff, so I’m just guessing.

    I re-watched the first Saw yesterday. It seems like you’re missing detective Tapp getting his throat slashed by John Kramer and his asian assistant getting killed, sometime between “Amanda tells her story to police as Dr. Gordon listens in.” (since at that time Tapp was still a policeman) and “John gets Zep to kidnap Dr. Gordon?s Daughter and Wife and kill them when the bathroom game ends” (since by that time Tapp is spying outside of Dr. Gordon’s house, he has his throat scar and he’s no longer a policeman). I guess I can’t tell if it’s before or after “John recruits Amanda to help him test people, she does not know about Hoffman”.

  14. Jimmy Says:

    Did we ever find out to Jeff Ridenhour, that’s the old guy that’s sitting in a chair, under a red cloth in Jigsaw’s warehouse when Detective Tapp and his buddy (wikipedia tells me his name is Steven Sing) walks in? Wikipedia says we don’t know what happens to him, but I just wondered if anybody else might have a different opinion.

    This page is pretty useful:

    I wish that timeline tool would let me order stuff relative to each other, rather than with absolute dates…

  15. Jimmy Says:

    Hm, I decided to do the timeline in Microsoft project first. I just finished the first movie. I wonder if anybody can help me with a few timing questions:

    1. The bathrooom game has a ‘deadline’ of 6 o’clock. Do we know if that’s actually 6pm? I think it’s dark when Zep and Tapp are driving to the sewers… Could it be 6am? Or maybe it’s not even 6 o’clock, it was just a clock used as a timer?

    2. At what time did the bathroom game begin (i.e., what time is it when the lights first come on)?

    3. Lawrence Gordon gets captured in the parking lot of a hotel after meeting with the Asian nurse… Any estimate as to how long before the bathroom game begins?

    I’ll have the movie handy tomorrow when I continue this… will make this task easier :)

  16. Brian Milton Says:


    Great timeline! A couple of extras I noticed in Saw V:

    1. Seth Baxter killed Hoffman’s sister in 1997 (according to an internet search made by Strahm. One of the results shows the year), which means if he was arrested promply and jailed (again, the internet pages suggest he skipped bail) he would be released around 2002/3. He was released for one month before being killed by Hoffman… The other jigsaw games don’t happen until around 2004, so it can only be assumed he was released around April/May in 2004 before the jigsaw ‘killings’ started. Also, from point two, possible release is around the 3rd January 2005 suggesting a late 1999 or early 2000 capture…

    2. There is a wealth of possible information at around 48minutes 14 seconds into Saw V when it shows the empty box files. Each of the victims have number with their names… Possibly dates they were found? As follows (a little blurry… but this is what I made out):
    a. Cecil Fletcher - (2nd July 2001 @ 9pm)
    b. Mark Wilson - (2nd November 2003 @ 6:33am)
    c. Seth Baxter - (3rd February 2006 @ 5:45pm)
    d. Paul Leahy - (3rd June 2004 @ 5am)
    e. Amanda Young - (4th February 2003 @ 12:30pm)
    f. Donnie Greco - (4th February 2003 @ 12:30pm)
    g. Adam Stanheight - (3rd February 2006 @ 5:45pm)
    h. Lawrence Gordon - (3rd February 2006 @ 5:45pm)
    i. Zep Hindle - (3rd February 2006 @ 5:45pm)

    There are another three boxes that you can’t see at all. Possibly this might help with dating everything?

    3. Peter Strahm’s cell phone in the evidence bag notes it was recovered on 5/7 @ 12:34pm but no year. Assuming these events continue in the same year, it would suggest 5th July 2006.

    Hopefully they might help with the timeline. If anyone has a timeline, I’d be more than greateful to have a copy. Huge Saw fan.

  17. Brian Milton Says:

    Made a mistake… Seth Baxter’s file states, but I said a 2005 release… Oops. I meant 2006.

  18. allroy Says:

    O.K. Lets begin—First I will explain a couple mistakes i have read here and other places.Hoffman CAN do the jigsaw voice because it is recorded on a reel to reel,presuming he does it the same way as jigsaw.Jigsaw is seen doing this making a tape for cecil which he never uses. SPOILER sort of Alert
    Next,I propose that there is a third accomplice revealed in the begining of the movie. Hoffman could not get strahm because he was getting Jeffs kid.How would he have time to, get dressed, get strahm and put him in a trap,disrobe,get kid and walk out? Just puttin it out there.
    Next the paper you are reffering to is only telling you when they(victims) went missing—how do i know this—they never found adam or doc gordon or tapp because they are in the sewer underneath hoffmans “new?” house.or is that where hoffman led strahm.Please reply if this makes any sense.
    Finnaly,They have painted themselves into a corner,how long can hoffman keep killing before the cops figure out its a cop and its been all along.The piont of settin up strahm was to get himself off or at least test a new apprentice.Jills got nice boobies–allroy out.

  19. allroy Says:

    also forgot somethin kind of intresting——was jigsaw looking to bring lynn and jeff onto the team—he makes some comments in 3 that seems to point in that direction.Makes sense.he needed a doctor and they both had sort of same kind of loss of a son as jigsaw.That would have been better than hoffman and jill tuck.please reply if Im off base here.Allroy out

  20. Mike Says:

    This is actually very accurate but i believe jeffs daughter and his wife were abducted at the same time as Jeff but i could be But i am really excited to see what twists are to come in saw 6!! Im thinking that Jigsaw didn’t want Jeff and his wife, but i think Jill Tuck is in on it somehow i don’t know how yet but i think she is, and you forgot about agent perez getting killed by the jigsaw doll exploding.

  21. Mike Says:

    and allroy i think that maybe Daniel was recruited and set up the water box trap?? maybe because it showed that he survived but what happened after that??

  22. allroy Says:

    ahhhh yes daniel-ill by that for a dollar

  23. Mike Says:

    nope first great idea i’ve had in a long time.lmao but i think he’ll come out in 6.

  24. Mike Says:

    Scottgal, Jigsaw never said Hoffman on the tape found in his stomach, he said “hello detective” that tape could have been for Agent Strahm, if he passed the final test in 5… not 100% sure but its a possibility.

  25. Drew Says:

    i still think its the other asian detective that works with hoffman. remember he said ” well i guess justice was served” at least thats what i think.

  26. Mike Says:

    i don’t think so, i think Hoffman is the only cop.

  27. Mike Says:

    another quick question, what happened to Dr. Gordans wife and daughter?

  28. allroy Says:

    what a waste of time this is—–ok—-soooo….. jill gets the drugs to knock out people….hoffman kidnaps them….jigsaw tests them….im out 10 dollars..sounds right to me—heres my part six—-in the box is hoffmans incriminating evidence against him.jill will test hoffman—some random folks will be in traps—hoffman fails–people die—jill says game over—i leave the movie disgusted with myself and without the ability to have sex with my wife cause i dragged her along and now she is pissed cause we spent 30 dollars on a waste of time–could write this crap in my sleep—for example—–interior hoffman house-a tape kicks on after a pin is pulled—(jigsaw voice)
    good evening detective hoffman you swore to uphold the law but the law didnt work——blah blah blah blah make your choice live or die hahahahahahaha–f’n boring.easy and waste ‘o’ time.allroy out

  29. ha Says:

    the key that jill is wearin in saw 5 is the the same key that amanda is wearing in saw 3?

  30. allroy Says:

    no not the same key–the key around amandas neck ends up im hoffmans hand at the end of 4

  31. corey Says:

    id just like to add my opinion about who will be the next accomplice. i think itll be Dr. gordon because nothing was ever revealed regarding his wherabouts, and also(if one can recall) the man in the video from the beginning of saw 2 operating on the mans eye had a lip. i think hes been the one helping jigsaw with attaining the drugs, capturing all of the people, and doing all of the stuff only a doctor would know how to do.

  32. corey Says:

    sorry, meant to say the man had a limp in his step not lip.

  33. Pro3d Says:

    Ok so all veery good points but I have to say that I think dr.Gordon will be the help we have been looking for, I mean let’s face it, after saw 1 he just dissapears sure he has no foot but he fixed mathews foot once, y not do it again. Then again when amanda goods into the bathroom again with danial she it shows the foot decaying. I guess it can go ether way . What so u guys think? Any ideas?

  34. allroy Says:

    jeez you guys are desperate for somethin that makes sense.first off jigsaw has a limp.second the guy that played doc gordon will not reprise the role—look it up–oh yea elvis is dead to.the ufos came and killed him on the toilet.any other questions

  35. Pro3d Says:

    LOL nope I’m sure that about sums it up :p

  36. Erwee Tiran Says:


    How did they find out that AMANDA was JIGSAWS acomplish?
    If you follow the timeline it does not make sense. In the beginning
    of saw V the talk about a 3rd accomplish. but at that same time in the timeline amanda is kidnapping jeff, so when did they find out about amanda?

  37. Erwee Tiran Says:

    sorry, beginning of saw IV they talk about a 3rd…

  38. Drew Says:

    i believe it was just hoffman trying to cover his tracks. but i could be wrong

  39. Erwee Tiran Says:

    yes, but Strahm knew about amanda. wonder how? Hofman cant just say there is an accomplish without proof, could be Mathews son who talked

  40. Drew Says:

    yeah i never thought about that. that is a very good point.

  41. Erwee Tiran Says:

    maybe in the next installment we get to find out how they got to know about amanda, so quickly after saw 2

  42. sh0m Says:

    men so many questions to face.., so many twist.., who is the acomplice??
    is it jill?? matthew’s son?? dr.gordon?? or another man or women still unknown to us’

  43. Erwee Tiran Says:

    I don’t think there is another man that is helping that we don’t know of. I also don’t think that in the box that Jill opens in the laywers office is evidence against Hofman. She looked shocked. Why whould she looked shocked at evendence? I think Jill has been interegated so many times and you Jigwas knew that she would be and you know how people say that one live to ones lable, that is what I think is going to happen, they are accusing Jill so many times that she might as well just do it, they think it anyway, so I think it is Jigsaw giving her a trap to setup. I think Jigwas never really liked the fact that Jill took the death of their child so calmly and he setup Jill to be labeled as the woman who is helping so that se will later believe it herself, difficult to explain

  44. allroy Says:

    so here is my info–straight from hollywood–they have 4 possible scripts-[jill sets the trap for hoffman]-hoffman sets a trap for jill]-riggs wife is the additional accomplice helping jill test hoffman]-and my fave-[dr.gordon and jill test hoffman]-it seems to be depending on who signs on to be in the movie folks.but one unescapable story is the test of hoffman.finnally we get to kill the soap star turned movie much for secrets.

  45. adam Says:

    alright they r suppose to make 7 saws im told for the seven deadly sins to pretty much redo the movie seven in saw form but what the hell r each one thats out representing does ne 1 kno ???????

  46. pro3d Says:

    Alright so the 7 sins are lust greed glutony rage sloth envy and pride

    I would say that lust would be 1 because of the whole cheating dr.

    Greed would seem to fit 5 the beat seeing as the whole burnign buildin thing and everyo e in it for money

    Envy would fit 3 seeing as it it clear that amanda loved jigsaw and when lyn saves jigsaw and he tells her that he loves her amanda looses it

    That’s all I got any one else care for a stab? This could have nothing to do with the plot but it’s just a fun thing to do anyway cuz I too have heard that they are planing to make 7 saws, I heard that after the 2nd one came out so it is reassuring to hear that I am not alone

  47. shellby Says:

    Just looked on the list of wikipedia characters, and its states that Hoffman held the title of “leuitenant” not detective, therefore seems possible that Hoffman was not who the tape was intended???

  48. spencer kristich Says:

    i think that dr. gordan is the key to saw i think he kills hoffman, then again i just wonder what saw 7 is going to be like.

  49. Drew Says:

    yeah i think ur right, because i seen a pic of dr gordan standing behind hoffman with a gun somewhere here on the internet.

  50. rene Says:

    so i was thinking about that 7 deadly sin thin and you might have a point. so you had the first one at lust, the second at rage, the third at envy, the fourth had glutony in it or you could say that riggs was too proud to just leave it all alone, and the the fifth was greed. i dont know it just made sense to me.

  51. The Loner Mike Says:

    Nice timeline, I sent you an email for this but I am posting it here too…Jigsaw’s body was recovered before strahm was crushed, because strahm went back to where jigsaw was killed later after he escaped the box trap. He gripped the bed that jigsaw was in with both hands in anger. The autopsy could of been done after, but his body was discovered before Strahm was murdered

  52. Msniddy Says:

    Me and my oldest son have been trying to figure all of the movies out, its confusing. But I think it would be a good twist to have Daniel, Matthews son in on things. He survived and if you remember Amanda did everything she could to protect him and help him survive in SAW II, she did all that for a reason!! I think the box for Jill may contain info on Daniel and the new game for Hoffman. Just my thoughts. Can’t wait for 6 and 7 to come out I will for sure be there!!

  53. Anees Ur Rehman Says:

    Yes Dr. Gordan is alive, and he is back in SAW VI.

    He is behind a big game.

  54. Les Playcool Says:

    Perhaps the wrong place to ask this question, but I try it anyway.

    I cant understand why Adam from Saw 1 is killed. In my opion he stand his test. Jigsaw even tells him that the key is in the bathtub. So why is he killed?

  55. jade Says:

    adam was killed because when amanda kidnapped him she set his key in a place where it would never be found, in saw 3 i think it flashes back to jigsaw saying amanda your games were unwinable then it shows the key going down the drain, like she had put it there deliberately so it would be flushed, and she admits in the end that she didnt believe those people learned their lesson so she killed them. i think, the timeline for saw keeps getting more and more confusing im glad i found this page

  56. Lexie Says:

    This is what constantly bothers me and others fail to mention when discussing the unanswere questions in saw. everyone is so worried about the survivors, but i wonder what happened to jeffs daughter? is she dead? or does she come into play in the 6th movie? or is she just completely forgotten.

  57. bean Says:

    remember jeffs daughter was “rescued” by Hoffamn- which is why everyone thought he was the hero- he was suppose to be the only one out alive-which didnt happen bc strahm got out alive (escaped the water in the cube trap) this leads strahm to suspect something with hoffamn

  58. drumguyrob Says:

    A few unresolved issues…

    1) Where is Hoffman when Tapp and Sting (Asian detective) come barging in on Jigsaw in Saw 1? He would’ve helped him.

    2) Strahm got his tape hanging from the ceiling while discovering Jigsaw’s body. Later, he wakes up in the water trap and escapes at the same time Hoffman “escapes.” This means Jigsaw’s body was discovered at the same time. The body would’ve been going through an autopsy at the same time Strahm was investigating Hoffman.

    If everyone except Hoffman was supposed to die, why was there a tape for him hanging from the ceiling that Jigsaw recorded? This means Jigsaw considered Strahm to be rehabilitated and Hoffman set up everyone inside that was supposed to die…meaning Hoffman committed more murders.

    Hoffman then tries to frame Strahm as the man on the inside because he survived. If Hoffman wanted to frame Strahm, why would he give him a chance for survival in the glass box trap, Strahm would’ve exposed him.

    It’s obvious Hoffman will continue Jigsaw’s legacy in Saw 6; but if he does, he’s going to have to frame someone else “on the inside” because Strahm died in a trap.

  59. Macabre Mary Says:

    My question is…when exactly did Amanda learn about Hoffman? Assuming he was the one to help her set up Kerry’s Angel Trap, we know that she knew he was an apprentice by then. But, were they working together with Jigsaw to set up the house in 2? Or was she still unaware of the existence of another apprentice at that point? (In that case, it must have been a logistical nightmare for Jigsaw to set up that whole game, without her learning of his existence.) Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

  60. Franke Says:

    I think there is a bigger picture to all of this. I believe that hoffman is going to be tested by jill. but my theory is that there is going to be a mass testing somehow. I think Jill is going to be in on a test in much larger scale than the four or five ppl in the previous movies. May have to take into saw 7 to develop and finish completely but thats what i think

  61. ShootingBlanks Says:

    After seeing Saw VI, I’m not understanding where this could go? I mean, VI pretty well wrapped everything up, as far as Jigsaw and his “missions” are concerned. I don’t think there’s much more to be revealed via flashback sequences. So, if they keep the series going it’ll just be Hoffman as the killer. But his motivation is just brutality, and he doesn’t have the “code” that Jigsaw had, which (in my opinion) basically doesn’t make this “Saw” anymore, and just turns it into a whole new film franchise…

    …I may have made no sense there. But I know what I was trying to say. :0)

  62. Janet Says:

    The coroner. He will be a key player in SAW VII. Remember, he has performed the autopsies on all SAW victims. He spends more time with the dead than the living. Maybe he is in for a test himself and will be the new jigsaw key player along with Jill?

  63. spencer kristich Says:

    saw 6 was crazy i think that hoffman dies in the next one from either gordon or jill, i never thought he would escape that reverse bear trap at the end, i really like the oxygen trap to.

  64. sarawrrr Says:

    i think hoffman will survive that reversre bear trap and he and jill will be at war in the next one.
    but obviously they wont be making traps because the original jigsaw (tobin bell) wants them too, i know this beacause he gave jill 6 envalopes which we all presumed were his final tests. so in saw 7 who, what and why are people being tested?
    hmmm.. i think many past charactors will come bk, Dr Gordon and Mathews son (cnt remember his name)
    also i think the girl at the end of saw 5 will be bk?
    just something to think about.. x

  65. Brendan Says:

    your hopes of dr gordon coming back in the sevent movie are prabably false i just watched all 6 in a row and in the firth movie i forget who says it but they say we found 12 bodies in there and only hoffman comes out jigsaw doesnt make mistakes. and if you watch mathews look for his son you find out that the house is conected to the bathroom and the lair that jigsaw had i dont know all the names but in second movie where they are all in the house there are seven people and only danile and amanda servie there is 5 people. then they find jill and her husband dead. there is 7 also you have to acount for the 3 people in jeffs test. they also find the photographer dead cause we no amanda killed him so i believe the 12th person is dr. gordon. but idk if they are including jigsaw and amanda

  66. Michelle Says:

    Well looks like Brendan was wrong. As of April 25, 2010 Dr. Gordon will be returning. How? Dont know yet.

  67. AJK Says:

    I’ve just rewatched all the movies in a row over the last 3 days to help me try to put it all together. I have one further question that I didn’t see addressed in any of these strings…in Saw IV after Agent Perez gets blasted with shrapnel from the exploding Billy doll, she hands Agent Strahm a key that ends up being the key he uses to open the door to the medical room where Jigsaw, Amanda, Jeff and Lynn are in at the end of Saw III. Where did Perez get that key in the first place? I’ve seen it 3x now and guess I’m just missing it?

  68. AJK Says:

    Oh yeah, and I had the same question as Erwee Tiran in January 2009…at the beginning of Saw IV, when they find Agent Kerry in the Angel Wing trap, they are all (Strahm, Riggs, Hoffman, Perez) are all talking about Jigsaw and Amanda in the PAST TENSE. But if III and IV are supposed to be going on at the same time, that means that they wouldn’t have found their bodies yet so how do they know about Amanda? And why would they have been talking about them both in the past tense if they didn’t know that they were dead yet?

  69. Mario Says:

    I do agree on the first comment because when he kills cecil its true he is working on that kool freakin box that saves hoffman from being crushed which is where the scene where his wife comes in to ask were cecil is .. i did enjoy to learn how the pig mask got startd other than that im a huge fan of saww and cant wait for the 7th Tobin Bell is awesome and i So wish i cud meet him or at least talk to him in that the game is on voice

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  72. Risket Says:

    I have been looking everywhere for a good timeline of all the Saw films. I decided to take the information here and put it into a Google Spreadsheet that I have made public. Everyone, please email me if you would like to collaborate and maybe we can all make a complete timeline!

    Here’s a link to the spreadsheet:

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